Best White Noise Machines 2021

White noise is a proven baby sleep aid. We review some of the best machines to help your little cherub sleep through your household noise.

Best  Monitors 2021

Here we review the best baby monitors so you can keep an eye on bub wherever you are in the house.

Best Baby Sleep Aids 2021

There are a number of toys that play sounds and music to soothe your baby to sleep. Here we review the best sleep aids.

Background for Best Sleep Aids for Babies

Anything to promote a full nights sleep is a good thing, just ask any sleep deprived parent! Our aim at Sleep Time Reviews is to take the hard work out of what product to buy and find the best sleep aids for you and your baby.

White Noise Machines

White noise machines are a proven best sleep aid for babies. In an experimental study of newborns, 80% of infants assigned to hear playbacks of white noise fell asleep spontaneously within 5 minutes. Only 25% of control infants fell asleep spontaneously (Spencer et al 1990). Most baby sleep consultants will recommend that you use white noise to block out household noises. New babies often fall asleep wherever they are so can become accustomed to a noisy environment, therefore making it harder to fall asleep or stay asleep during the quiet night time.

Baby Monitors

Even if your baby is a great sleeper, you may find it hard to sleep if your child is in another room or part of the house. New parents often have a lot of anxiety surrounding sleep and their baby, especially with all the worry about SIDS these days. A monitor will allow you to keep an eye on your bub as you go about your day or through the night. As your child gets older it can be handy to see what they are getting up to in their cot or to be able to speak to them without going into the room.

Sleep Toys

There are many different sleep toys and aids available these days. These can range from the simple soft toy comforter to top of the range comfort noise making toys. There are toys that make soothing sounds such as a heart beat or ocean sounds. Weighted toys can benefit some children who haven’t responded well to anything else. These are good for children too young to keep a weighted blanket on. You will find a range of the best sleep aids for babies here.